Monday, March 28, 2011

Diva Las Vegas by Eileen Davidson

Book: Diva Las Vegas by Eileen Davidson

Series: A Soap Opera Mystery


Extras: None

Plot (Goodreads):Alexis Peterson is delighted when her friend, ex-Playboy Playmate Shana Stern, invites her to Hugh Hefner's infamous Halloween party. But the fun ends when, after a few drinks, Shana is found dead. Alex's investigation leads ger to a soap opera convention in Las Vegas, and bodies continue to pile up on the strip. She must catch this killer who is more vicious than any television critic..

My four-sentence or less take on the plot: Soap opera star Alexis Peterson is surprised when her old friend, ex-playmate Shana Stern, invites her to the Playboy Halloween party. Of course, with this being a cozy, the friend is murdered almost immediately. Alex decides it's up to her to solve the mystery while simultaneously getting more serious with her new love interest.


What worked: I'll admit, I love this series. Alexis is a great character and the insight into the soap opera industry and soap opera conventions is terrific. The side characters are extremely well-rounded and interesting.

What didn't: It's apparently the last in the series! No! That's actually really annoying because the book ends on a solid cliffhanger including Alex's ex-husband.

Keep reading?
Absolutely! I love this series. I hope the rumor that it is over is wrong.

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