Monday, March 28, 2011

Sink Trap by Christy Evans

Sink Trap by Christy Evans

Series: A Georgiana Neverall Mystery


Extras: "Top ten tools for most home repairs"

Plot (Goodreads):Former corporate drone Georgiana Neverall loves her new occupation as a plumber's apprentice, but is a bit surprised when she finds the favorite brooch of Martha Tepper, the town's former librarian, clogging a sink. Georgiana has a sinking feeling that Martha may have been retired permanently-and suddenly it's up to a plumber's apprentice to flush out a killer.

My four-sentence or less take on the plot: After Georgie's high-powered computer security job dissolves, she moves back to her hometown to become a plumber (much to her mother's dismay). When Georgie finds a brooch while unclogging a sink, she becomes worried that the brooch's owner might have been subject to foul play so she (of course) goes investigating the mystery by herself. Between dodging her overbearing mother and trying to learn a new job, Georgie has a full plate.


What worked: I thought the plumbing theme was a novel (hehe!) concept. I liked the plumbing tips. Georgie was an interesting character and I thought she reacted well to the challenges of her new profession (like sexism).

What didn't:
It was spectacularly obvious who the crooks were from about the second chapter. Georgie got kind of annoying with her constant suspicion of the same couple of people, for no real reason (ie Greg, her mother's boyfriend). I also am getting a little sick of the "I moved away when I was "important" and ignored all my friends but now I'm back, accepted, and enjoying my small town" trope. Honestly, I wouldn't be a fraction as understanding about my friend totally ignoring me for years and then wanting to be besties again when their life imploded and they moved back.

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